Sunday, October 9, 2011

No Lifeguard Rookie Swim Test For 2011!

Sunday, Oct. 9, 2011



10/7/2011 NO Lifeguard Rookie Swim test for 2011. It is with regret that the Lifeguard Division must announce that any plans for a 2011 swim test are canceled. If our budget for the Training Academy is restored for 2012/13, all of our efforts will be directed to a full Ocean Lifeguard Academy swim test in the fall of 2012.


Don't completely lose hope!

Per the Lifeguard Recruitment Web Page:

"...Possible swim test will be announced during the Summer of 2012."


Editor's note:
if you do not shrewdly and regularly scrutinize the fine print of multiple websites, you would miss this vital information that otherwise does not get promoted on more visible platforms, e.g., Facebook, email, etc.

Editor's additional note:
This drought of rookie test opportunities will surely pass. Hang in there. Keep swimming, keep running, keep paddling, keep surfing. Heck, get a job at a fast food joint if you have to.... it's good character building. If you've got the resources, go to Paramedic school. There are always options. Call one of our trusted "County Recurrent" *Broprofessionals who will brainstorm with you and help you stay motivated. The point is: stay the course, increase your opportunities. AND stay in shape! 10-4.

Until next time.....

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**** not to be confused with
other guards who just stepped in it and could not get themselves out of "it" with a backhoe.....

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