Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"Manhattan Beach: Inshore Holes, Rips and Shoals", by Mike Cunningham

(Photo courtesy of Mike Cunningham)

As an addendum to our recent blog post on the underwater inshore holes and ankle breakers at 2600 Strand in Manhattan Beach, which can be read at:

we asked veteran LACo Lifeguard Captain, Mike Cunningham, and a Manhattan Beach, Calif. native, to say a few words about the contours of the beach this time of year, esp. with the multiple storms we've had that have ripped up and pummeled the beach bottom and redistributed sand, creating a maze of inshore holes, mounds of sand and shallow spots even 75 yards plus from shore.

Here is what Mike had to say:

"Yep, we get some real deep holes inside this time of year. The sand deposits out in a kind of shoal, with deep spots inside. Sometimes it's about 5 feet deep at the end of the pier. Some of these deep spots can run 10 feet deep and no waves will break there. Surfers love it on high tide as the lefts and rights peel. Then it will get very shallow outside. We have had so many West and North swells recently that it is just dug out and does so every winter and spring. After about two or three South swells, it lines up better, the holes fill in, and the shoals outside move back and get deposited on shore.

Usually around mid-June we move towers up and may have to again by mid July because so much sand gets re-deposited."


There you have it. Our readership demands "credibility" and now you've got it in spades. Pay attention, recurrents, to what Mike has said above about shallow spots outside and inside. Keep those hands out in front and just below your shoulders as you dolphin through the surf... stay shallow. You just do not know when the water depth will go from 5 foot plus to one foot or the like! Be careful out there! Esp. on the ongoing rechecks, be careful as we've got a long summer ahead of us all ! 10-4.

Many Thanks to Mike for sharing his experience and knowledge of the Manhattan Beach surf and beach conditions.

Until next time.....

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1 comment:

spyder said...

Just to make the point more impactful; back in the late 70s and early 80s, Mike was one of the best bodysurfers in the world.