Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tamarindo: Kilroy Was Here !

(Photo of Tamarindo Beach above by Bob Kilroy. Used here with permission.)

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"County Recurrent" News is pleased to present a few remarks from one of our finest veteran LACo Recurrent's, Robert "Bob" Kilroy, D.C., who recently returned from Costa Rica where he vacations as often as possible. So without further adieu...

"Tamarindo, Costa Rica, is a beautiful crescent moon beach, which had there been any surf, would make for some excellent surfing, as they say, “for kids of all ages”. When we were there the surf was small to nothing, but the current was such that it brought schools of sardines into the beach that were so dense, in knee deep water, you could barely see your feet. The line up of surf boards was replaced by a line up of local fishermen, who were having a bonanza.

Like on any beach I was drawn to the guard tower. It
provided a great view of the beach, but potentially problematic descent to the sand.

As I stood there contemplating the virtues and faults of this design, a guy came up and introduced himself as the lifeguard or salvavida. When he found out that I did not want surf lessons and did not want to buy some weed, he had no interest in talking with me any further about guarding these beaches.

An hour or so to the north, near the Nicaragua border, is Olie’s Point. Named after Oliver North who used a nearby airstrip to smuggle arms to the Contras. One of North’s cargo planes that crashed in the ocean was salvaged from the sea by some Costa Rican’s and converted into a bar. These people love to recycle. Olie’s Point has a fabulous fast moving and hollow right and was recently featured in Endless Summer II.


All photos above by Bob Kilroy. Used here with permission.

Many thanks to Bob for sharing his photos and remarks about his most recent trip to Costa Rica with all of us. Bob has been an LACo Recurrent for over 30 years and when he is not getting his days in at the beach you will find him at his chiropractic office in West Los Angeles.

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Glenn M said...

playa tamarindo for me is the best place to spent summers vacations and adventure like surfing thanks for sharing this article with wonderful pictures