Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bradd's Wrightsville Beach Report

(Photo above by Bradd Schwichtenberg. Per Bradd: "One thing you don't see on the west coast - enjoying a morning visit to Wrightsville Beach NC near Wilmington.")

Friday, March 18, 2011

We just heard from LACo Recurrent, Bradd Schwichtenberg, Ret., now a full time Engineer with the U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers, based in our Nation's capital. Rosie: That's Washington with a D.C. after it! :-) Hey Bradd!..... about the Santa Monica breakwater..... more about that later.

Bradd reported in from Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, yesterday where he is currently on assignment. We asked for a couple of paragraphs but asking a civil engineer to write a paragraph is like trying to extract a broken tooth from a 300 pound gorilla. Ask him to draw up a set of blueprints for a breakwater, harbor, and a schematic for a row of paddleboard racks on the Santa Monica Pier and he will have that ready tomorrow. In any case, here are a few photos that Bradd sent to us, the first of which, above, is a unique sign you are not likely to see here on the west coast.

"Wrightsville beach", below

"Beach access trail", below
(Attention: Rand-McNally!)

"100 yards from beach is the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway!"

( what are you waiting for?... get started on your first novel!... woo hoo! :-) )

Seriously, Many Thanks to Bradd
for sharing these photos and remarks with all of us. It's great to see photos of other beaches and posted signs for regional weather conditions.


*** All photos by & Copyright Bradd Schwichtenberg 2011. Used here with permission.

"JJ I SWAM FOR JJ" Shout Out, as well: Bradd swam for Johnny Joseph at SMC for two years and took the lifeguard test at the same time, after having graduated from Pali High in 1974 (Go Dolphins!), where he swam on the Varsity Swim Team, graduating in the same class as other future LACo Recurrents, Eric Shargo and Eric Moore. At SMC, Bradd also swam with a bunch of guys and gals that were already or would soon become LACo Recurrent beach lifeguards, including but not limited to, Arthur (Arturo) Verge, Eric (Sharkman) Shargo, Eric Moore, Kieran Graner, Roy Salter, Jeff Anderson, Steve Eslick, Albert Roche, Robert Roche, Bill Bischoff, Mike (Newmie) Newman, Ron Pearlman, Tony Whitmore, Tom Katsouleas, Bruce Stahl, Terry Hearst, Mike Broneau and others.


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