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"County Recurrent" Presents: "On Guard And Off Duty!"

(Above, Two LACO Recurrent-Competitors battling it out in an open swim event at 2010 Regionals... looks to us like Mel Solberg is employing an elbow to retain a slim lead...)

We are pleased to present in this blog post an assortment of photos of your friends and colleagues "off duty" and not watching the water. We hope you will enjoy this trip down memory lane as well as the recent past.

So here we go:

Below, USLA Race Official, Bob Moore, instructing the Lady Lifeguards On Race Rules, at the USLA Western Regionals, August 2010, Pacific Beach, Calif.

Below, LACo Recurrent, Kailey Makuta, finishing up an open water swim event at Regionals, August 2010

Below, LACo Recurrent, Micah Carlson, as the voice of the Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation Lifeguard Competition, June 2010, Torrance Beach, Calif.

Below, an LACo Recurrent Post-Paddleboard Race, Regionals, August 2010

Below, 2010 Regionals Competitors

Below, two LACo Recurrent and UCSB Gaucho Swimmers, Summer 2009, at Pre-Taplin Weekend Warm Up Event, Venice, Calif.

Below, USLA Nationals Competitor, August 2010, Huntington Beach, CA

Below, USLA Nationals Competitor, August 2010, Huntington Beach, CA

Below, USLA Nationals Competitor, August 2010, Huntington Beach, CA

Below, LACo Veteran Recurrent, Tom Doman, just outside Mammoth Lakes, Calif., Winter 2010.

Below, LACo OLS Norton Wisdom, on lifeguard holiday at Mammoth Mountain. Photo courtesy of Norton Wisdom.

Below, an unlucky ocean competitor...

Summer 2009, below, L2R: Victorious Venice Intercrew members and Second Gen LACo recurrents, Chris Newman and Tyler Contarsy

Below, LACo Young Gun Recurrent-Competitors, L2R: Azad and Nick

Below, young hipsters at post-Ed Perry Regatta Party at Estey's house, June 2010, Venice, Calif.

LACo Recurrents, July 2008, at OLS Nikki Hudson's Retirement Party, Malibu, Calif.

Below, "Red Cup Crew", at Jake's Retirement Party, August 2008, Zuma Beach, Calif.

Below, the Two Shannons and Diane Graner Galles

Below, off duty, LACo Recurrents practicing martial arts training in garage at CSHQ

Below, June 2009, Malibu Surf Fest Competitors, Richard and Char Mark and their daughter after the open swim event

Below, Norton Wisdom and his daughter enjoying a day at the beach on Santa Monica South at SMS Tower #27, Summer 2010

Below, siblings and LACo Recurrents, Diane Graner-Galles and her big brother, Steve Graner, M.D., Summer 2010

Below, another LACo Recurrent Swimmer-Competitor finishing up an open water event at Regionals 2010

Below, L2R: Off the Kohala Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii, skippers Jeff McConnel and Randy Steigely

Below, circa 2007, LACo Recurrent, Ret., Jim Graham, enjoys a little volleyball on the island of Phuket, Thailand, and indicated that there were also "some good little longboard waves (to be had) in the background." Photo courtesy of Jim.

Below, Steve Fisher, getting in some skiing at Mammoth Mtn.

Below, Ira Gruber and his wife, at The Galley, for an off duty dinner party

Below, at The Galley, Harold Dunnigan employing an old Navy Seal Trick of wearing an arm sling to capture the attention and sympathy of the waitress...

(Photo above shows Tito Bourget and Rebecca Gilman, Sept. 2009. Photo by Harry Varnas.)

Below, more Nikki Hudson Retirement Partiers, July 2008

Below, more Nikki Hudson Retirement Partiers, July 2008

Below, more Nikki Hudson Retirement Partiers, July 2008


same again...

Below, at left, LACo OLS, Bill Wilson... but that's not why we are including this photo, obviously... :-)

Below, L2R: Ricky Brouwer, Bill Wilson, Jimmy Makuta, and Ivan Wilkins

Below, Bill Powers, getting ready for hunting season...

Below, Nick Steers dancing with his wife, Joyce

Below, L2R, Tom Landis, Jim Graham and Cappy Sheeley between events at the U.S. Masters Nationals a couple of years ago at Federal Way Pool in Tacoma, Washington. "All three were members of the 1962 winning Taplin Relay from Zuma. Landis now lives near Bend, OR, Graham lives in Durango, CO and Sheeley lives in Honolulu, HI. Graham and Sheeley swam and played polo for Rudy Kroon (S.M. City & LACo Recurrent, R.I.P.) at El Camino College and Landis was an outstanding waterman on the beaches and the pools at UCLA." Photo courtesy of Jim Graham.

Below, Eric Shargo, Ph.d, about to go postal on a birthday cake

Below, L2R: Conrad Liberty and Eldon Onsgard

Below, L2R: Can you name all of these off duty lifeguards of the past and present?

Below, Tom Allen Sena, digging into a Big Island Breakfast in Kailua-Kona

Below, L2R: Tom Thorson, Conrad Liberty and Nick Steers

Below, from 'back in the day', circa 1987, at SMS Tower #26, on a day off, Mickey Gallagher with his daughter, Tori

Below, Mike Newman and his daughter, Emily

Below, Norton Wisdom and Mike Morales, at the Roxy

Below, Jay Hopkins, has his hands full

In the two photos below from this past summer, Jim Graham shows us how he keeps it together when away from the ocean and stays in shape for surfing while at home in Colorado. Shown here on Turtle Lake, CO. Photos courtesy of Jim.

Below, Vegas, August 1987: Santa Monica South Crew

Below, L2R: Dane Murphy, Brian Murphy, Phil Navarro (Nov. 2010)

Oct. 2010, Andrew Czer on his way to UCLA for a midterm exam

Below, Retired OLS Norton Wisdom and his lovely wife, Robin, at Le Dome, in Paris, France, this past summer. Photo by Spike Beck. Used here with permission.

Spike Beck and his lovely wife, Rebecca at the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, France --- "with jean val jean in mind". Photo courtesy of Spike Beck.

Summer 2010: Norton and Robin Wisdom, with Spike and Rebecca Beck, Paris, France:
Spike said, "We were in Paris --in front of the very famous Shakespeare book store near the latin quarter. They used to let traveling students sleep on the floor back in the old days. Norton did so, when traveling back "in the day". Photo courtesy of Spike Beck.

Below, Will Maguire, at Will Rogers State Beach, at the recent "Minus Tide" on Friday, Nov. 5, 2010

Cherrie Ellington, at WRHQ, after a long day at WR Tower #8, 11.05.2010

Below, Paul Henne, taking a break at the new Pali High Pool, Friday Nite, 11.05.2010

Below, L2r: Age Group Swimmer Parents, Steve Hotchkiss with Ricky and Nathalie Brouwer, Sat., 11.06.2010 at new Pali Pool for a weekend age group swim meet

L2R: Steve Hotchkiss with his son, Kennan, at new Pali High Pool, 11.06.2010

Below, L2R: Westside Aquatics Parents, Nathalie Brouwer, Steve Hotchkiss and Lisa Dial Timmerman

Below, L2R, circa June 2008: Don Spitler, John Moryl, Randy Steigely

Below, BJ's Bus Ride, circa 1987

Below, Kenny Atkins, showing some enthusiasm... woo hoo !


That's it so far. We hope you have enjoyed these photos of your friends and colleagues of the past and present. All Photos By & Copyright Will Maguire, unless otherwise indicated. All Rights Reserved.

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