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Costa Masters Water Polo Holiday Auction

"County Recurrent" News is pleased to pass along the following message of interest to its readership from one of our own, LACo Recurrent, Lucy Severns:

From: Lucy Severns lucywindes@hotmail.com
Subject: Costa Masters Water Polo Holiday Auction

Sat., Dec. 11, 2010 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at The Green Yogi in Northern Manhattan Beach, at 3504 Highland Avenue 90266

"Fellow Lifeguards:

Please come out for our first annual Costa Master's Holiday Silent Auction. It's going to be an evening full of fun, friends, and great deals. This event is here to help raise funds to cover our new pool fees and keep our club afloat. If you have ever played with Costa Master's or you are just a fan of water polo, we hope you can make it out to support or donate an auction item. So far we have lots of cools items to bid on. Some donations include swim suits, tickets, gift cards, surfboard, Wii game, artwork, jewelry, sailboat trip, autographed memorabilia, and much much more. The Holiday Silent Auction will be held on Saturday, December 11th from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at The Green Yogi in Northern Manhattan Beach. The address is 3504 Highland Avenue 90266. For more information or to donate please contact Lucy at lucywindes@hotmail.com. Thanks!!

See you soon!

Costa Masters Water Polo

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"County Recurrent" Intel:

Through the Lifeguard Grapevine we have also learned that LACo Baywatch Captain Phil Navarro is a past president of this auspicious masters team. That in itself, speaks volumes..... granted, volumes !... as in volumes of water paddled, swam, surfed, sailed, cruised, skied, bodysurfed, etc. Additionally, a very very very high source up in Admin. tells us that some years ago, "back in the day", that Section Chief Garth Canning played on this same masters team. We also understand that there are other Recurrents, past and present, as well as OLS Personnel, both past and present who have played on this team. In other words, this masters team is to water polo what the South Bay Surf Club is to Fish Tacos. Count me in..... for the party and the auction !

Here is a partial list of more polo playing lifeguards:

Lauren Briskin
Katy Lawlor
Paloma Slesak
Tandis Morgan
Riley Brady
Sean Hastings
Kyle Daniels
Pat Jacobson
Greg Crum
Anthony Vela
Juan Carlos

Thanks again for your support!


*** Costa Masters Swim Team background info, courtesy of Phil Navarro ***

Per Phil,

"The Costa Masters Water Polo team was started and created by me (Phil Navarro) January 2000. I ran the club for 8 ½ years before handing over the reigns to a Ryan Gray and Steve Granick. There are several lifeguards that play for the program including about 6 or 7 women. The team plays many tournaments and has been able to send 2 to 3 age group teams as well as a women’s team at times.

Due to the shortfalls in the economy, the school is now asking for a larger sum of money for the use of the pool. I was able to keep the daily/weekly/monthly dues down to a minimum to help keep the numbers and participation up. I believe the Costa players are trying to defer the cost with fundraisers to keep the dues down.

During the early years, I went through many nights of 5 on 5 or not enough to even play, and everyone would go home after waiting around for 45 minutes. I would hate to see them lose players if they have to raise the dues too high. Anything you can do to help the program would be greatly appreciated.


Phil Navarro

p.s. Lifeguard players that have played and/or are playing at Costa:

Gary O’Brien
Wonmeen Jun
Jeremy Simkins
Sean Nolan
Lucy Windes
Will Diddinger
Craig Douglas
Dan Douglas
James Farley
Scott Garinger
Steve Gill
Steve Moseley
Garth Canning
Scott Davey
Lars Gustafson
Josh Lee
Jeff and Luke Lombardo
Matt Lutton
Mike O’Donnell
Steve Sturdivant
Pat Volosin
Mike Carpenter
Erik Healy
Dan Katayama
John Kim
Bruce Kocsis
Andres Lubba
Tobi Lyman
Brian Merrigan
Erin O’Donnell
Charlie Piccaro
Danielle Pollard (Yardley)
Allison Riddle
Cassady Roberts
Travis Robinson
Kevin Trosian
Charlie Wood

There are also new Lifeguard players. I’ve been out for almost 3 years."


Many Thanks to Phil Navarro
for taking the time to set forth the history of this Masters Water Polo Club Team, and esp. the recitation of the famous and infamous LACo beach lifeguards that have participated and played with this team ! Wow ! I think you will all agree that this is a "Who's Who" Kind of List !

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Until next time.....

Will Maguire, Editor

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