Monday, October 18, 2010

OLS Bruce Saylors R E T I R E S !

(Photo above shows LACo OLS, Bruce Saylors, just off duty, on July 4, 2008 at Will Rogers North, exiting the Tower #2 parking lot. Photo by Will Maguire. Motorcycle by Harley Davidson.)

Sometime in the recent past (couple of months), LACo OLS Bruce Saylors retired! "County Recurrent" News first became aware of this FACTOID this past thursday evening at SMHQ when its Editor stopped by to turn in his time card. It was during this outing that OLS Jay Hopkins happened to mention something about Bruce Saylors being retired, which was picked up by the ears of said aforementioned Editor. Surprised and Curious, we further inquired of Jay Hopkins as to specifics, which were declined by said OLS Hopkins as he seemed to infer that Bruce seemed to prefer to fade into gray quietly, as it were.

Jay did voice the opinion that Bruce certainly deserves the "Bronze Savage" award. Note to LACOLA: We hereby nominate Bruce Saylors for the "Bronze Savage".
Hopefully, it can be presented at an OPEN function so that all those LACOLA members who wish to attend can collectively celebrate Bruce's illustrious career.

In any event, we are also interested in our readership 'commenting' below if they care to do so, so that we can properly acknowledge our friend and colleague, Bruce Saylors.

If you have photos to share, please forward them on and we will post them to this blog post. For instance, while stopped one morning a couple of years ago (in approx. Oct. 2007), at the light at Temescal Cyn Rd. waiting for the light to turn green so I could turn left and south onto PCH, I saw the Will Rogers North vehicle stopped at the red light at Temescal as it was exiting the beach parking lot and with its turn signal pointing left so that it could proceed north on PCH to Will Rogers Tower #2... Well, it turned out it was noneother than Bruce Saylors, who is seen here wiping his windshield while waiting for the light to turn green and then fielding a public information contact/question from a citizen. And you know that he included this in his day's statistics, such being his attention to detail. This sequence of photos, never before seen, also illustrates Bruce's time management skills, as well as his exceptional public relations skills. Either that or Bruce is a secret agent and this was a meeting with a confidential informant with information exchanged in what would appear to most people as simply an exchange of information between a citizen and a public safety official. (Yes, I could use some help with this shovel...)


And Bruce! Are you listening ! Thanks for your friendship and many years of service. We wish you much happiness and adventure in your retirement.

10-4, Bruce Saylors, is 10-7, Ret.

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KjS said...

That's my Man!! Now tell me how do I survive his retirement!