Friday, March 12, 2010

Rock The Vote !... For The Squeege Awards !

Thus far, the voter turnout for the Second Annual Squeegee Awards has basically sucked big time.

(Photo shows the "Golden Squeegee" which is awarded on an annual basis by "County Recurrent" for the best blog post of the year.)

Fortunately, we've had some limited success from some very righteous recurrents who have voted online and forwarded their votes to the undersigned, including but not limited to,

Randy DeGregori, Retired Chief

Darrell Willey, retired LACo Recurrent Lifeguard

Adam Sandler, former beach lifeguard

Greg Bonann, Executive Producer of Baywatch and LACo Recurrent

Bill Asturias, retired LACo O.L.S. (formerly known as a S.O.L.)

Please help us with your vote.

Voting closes on Monday, March 15, 2010. Even if you have been nominated, you can still vote.... Hint, hint to Cal Porter, Kevin Curtis, Hotchkiss, Powers, Murphy. And Hubbie, we received your nomination but not your votes. Makuta, wake up. And you Ph.d/Recurrents ought to be voting too because, after all, it doesn't take a Ph.d to vote ! Woo Hoo !

Rock The Vote and Row The Boat !

Please submit your votes to Will Maguire at:

***Finally, here is the link once again to the nominated blog posts and the nominated photographs:

Until next time.....

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