Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Greg Edmonston, O.L.S.: Kicking Ass and Saving Lives", by Kip Jerger

Subject: Leg injury man Wade
Date: March 23, 2010 9:50:46 AM PDT
To: Will Maguire

(Photo by Kip Jerger. Used here with permission.)


Subject: Wade came back
Date: March 23, 2010 9:54:11 AM PDT
To: Will Maguire

(Photo by Kip Jerger. Used here with permission.)

And so, if you are like me when Kip first sent this photo without explanation, you might be thinking, "WTF!.....happened to that guy's leg!?!!! Holy Sh..! So after asking for an explanation of what happened, here is what Kip had to say:

"Hi Will,

On Tuesday, March 16th at 45th St. in Manhattan Beach, a Helicopter pilot /slash/ Stand up paddle (SUP) board instructor was SUP surfing when he went for a rollercoster off of the oncoming white water wave. He caught an edge, wiped out and felt his calf muscle hit by his fin. The result was a fillet of calf muscle. Fin one, surfer 0. I was at the 42nd Street lifeguard tower while my permanent, Greg Edmonston, took Unit No. 163 to the scene. Greg handled the fillet of calf like a seasoned pro: checking vitals, dressing the wound, and transporting the victim, Wade, to the paramedics for another save. Wade showed up yesterday, to thank Greg , and pick up his board, but Greg wasn't here. Wade had 22 internal stitches, and 30 external stitches. Good job Greg.

42nd street guard, Kip"


("Rosecrans Beauty" Photo by Kip Jerger. Rosecrans Street, Manhattan Beach, January 6, 2010. Used here with permission.)

"Making play look like work. For this is a well skilled and learned art. To save people in any surf. Fun and exciting, still."

Peace Love Kippper

Kanoa Aquatics
P.O. Box 3582
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

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Many Thanks to Kip for once again sharing with us another gem of a story of one of our colleagues doing what they are paid to do, saving lives and living large ! And Kudos to Greg Edmonston for his dedication to duty.

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