Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Halloween: "Trick or Treat ?"

(Artwork above shows The Nocturnals™ in a rare visit to the So. Calif. Coast, at Santa Monica South Tower #24. Copyright Dan Brereton. All Rights Reserved. Used here with permission.)

It's upon us again, Fright Nite, The Night of the Living Shred, etc. et al.

(Photo source: San Diego Comic-Con 2008. Photo by Will Maguire.)

Happy Halloween, Recurrents !

In honor of this festive occasion and holiday, we present to you the very
First Annual County Recurrent Halloween "Trick or Treat" Quiz.

Each photograph hereinafter will pose the obvious question, is it a "Trick" or is it a "Treat" ? You alone will be the judge. Is the photo legit or doctored. Is the subject legit or a trickster ? Is the answer to the question "True" or "False", as the case may be.

Here goes:

Trick or Treat: Is this guy really wearing a Sylvester the Cat Costume on the beach in 85 degree plus heat on Labor Day ?

True or False: The occasion of this shot was Bill Wilson's Wedding.

True or False: These two lifeguards are Recurrents.

Trick or Treat: Is this photo the real deal ?

or is this photo the real deal ?

True or False: This LACo Rookie Finished First In His Rookie School.

Trick or Treat ?

Trick or Treat: Is this Jelly Fish Warning the real deal ?

Trick or Treat: Is that a great Halloween Costume on the right or what ?

Trick or Treat: Are these girls for real ?

Trick or Treat: Is Arthur Verge really married ?

Trick or Treat: Is there really "no surfing allowed" when Larry Raffaelli wears this shirt ?

Trick or Treat: Is this a real lifeguard tower or just a scaled miniature ?

Trick or Treat: Was this LACo Recurrent Tom Overmire's third or fourth Medal of Valor?

No Trick Here, Folks! Johnny Joseph is the real deal !
Shown here with a group of his 60's era SMC Varsity Swimmer Alums, at the annual JJ Scholarship Dinner held every June at Rusty's on the Santa Monica Pier.

Trick or Treat: Is Eric Shargo's wife absolutely hammered in this photo during the reception at Arthur and Marianne Verge's Wedding?

Trick or Treat: The artist used the physique of Warren Rigby to sketch out this lifeguard competitor on the back of this t-shirt ?

Trick or Treat: These two lifeguards were once swimmer and coach at Venice High School?

Trick or Treat ? True or False: Is this the SMS Crew in Las Vegas, Summer of 1987 ?

Trick or Treat ?

Trick or Treat: These two lifeguards finished in First Place in their respective brackets in the recent Catalina Classic ?

Trick or Treat: Central Section Lifeguard Fish Taco Booth ?

Trick or Treat: Is that really Johnny Depp dressed up as a Pirate ?

Trick or Treat: Recurrent, Permanent or Retired ?

Trick or Treat: Is this pizza for real or was it absolutely unreal ?!

True or False: Coffee and Donut, TOP POT DONUTS, Seattle, Washington.

No Trick Here ! LACo Central Section won the Taplin Relay for the third year in a row this past Summmer 2009 !

*** If you have any photos to contribute, please let us know.

Until next time.....

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