Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Santa Monica Pier Celebrates its Centennial !

(Photos above by and Copyright Tom Thorson 2009. Used here with permission.)

(Photo above shows Fireworks at tonite's Centennial Celebration. Copyright 2009 @West_LA (Twitter) )

*** YouTube Video *** of Santa Monica Pier Centennial Fireworks
(by SMacDown) at:

One Hundred Years It's Been ! Can't remember that far back myself, but we do have a photo below, circa 1908, that predates the Sept. 9, 1909 opening of the Santa Monica by less than a year.

The Santa Monica Pier opened on Sept. 9, 1909, at around the same time as this photo showing the Legendary Waterman and Beach Lifeguard, George Freeth, with two of his young protege junior lifeguards... in a photo taken in Redondo Beach, Calif.

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