Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"It's A Whole New..... RATING YEAR !"

That's right, folks ! Kiss the last rating year GOODBYE ! If you did not get your days in, you may also have to kiss something else goodbye too ! woo hoo ! Hopefully not !

In any case, start rewinding your stop watches and break out your calendars because the new rating year is upon us and time is already ticking ! Even retired LACo Captain Conrad Liberty picked up a 2009 LACOLA Calendar yesterday, granted because they are literally giving them away now.... but hey you can use it till 12.31.09.

In other words, HAVE YOU GOT YOUR DAYS IN YET ?!?!?!!!!!!!!

If not, get to it ! Don't wait around until May like Chuck Locko ! Yes, we know you would rather do breakfast at the Hotel Casa del Mar with a pretty young lady.... woo hoo !

You might think that attending a lifeguard party and cozying up to the guest of honor might get you days earned in tower..... but sorry, No it doesn't.

Don't be like Greg Bonann and take the whole week off resting on the patio of one of your three or four beachfront homes in Malibu, Calif, sipping mai tai's watching the sunset......

Sleeping on the job, I mean, babysitting your granddaughter also does NOT count, Asturias !

Going to the beach and working out like a man possessed doing run swim run swim run swim run swim run swim runs like Dr. Paul Silka, M.D. also DOES NOT COUNT ! It's time in the tower, on duty, that counts.

Chatting up the Chief at a retirement dinner doesn't count as a day worked at the beach either, even though a certain No. Section recurrent seems to think so.... woo hoo !

Getting married on the beach does NOT count either ! Hey Now !

Also, telling your wife you are going to go work at the beach and instead going to El Terasco for lunch does not count as a day guarding, even if you have seniority up the ying yang like Arthur Verge, Ph.d. You still have to actually put in your time in a tower !

Attending mass will earn you points with the Big Fella upstairs, but sorry Harold, NO SENIORITY POINTS !

Working as the Official Announcer for the "Malibu Surf & Sport Festival" ? Sorry, McGowan, no seniority points !

Competing in Intracrew, Taplin, Regionals, Nationals, Japan and Australia means you are one studley lifeguard-competitor, but sorry Carlson, NO SENIORITY POINTS !

Winning the Intracrew Relay race for the second year in a row will get you plenty of props and free drinks courtesy of JVD at The Shack in PDR, but sorry Newman and Contarsy !..... NO SENIORITY POINTS ! woo hoo !

Kicking ass and taking names and rowing a dory like a Champion and participating as a member of the winning Taplin Relay Team will get you the love of a beautiful woman and the respect of your peers, but sorry Clarke, NO SENIORITY POINTS !

Just don't say we didn't warn you ! You gotta put your days in on the beach in a tower ! Just ask John Newton, seen below, partnered up with David Carr.

So, here ya go, if we have not been clear enough already. The current rating year is:

Sept. 1, 2009 ----- August 31, 2010.

Get to it ! September is the time to Front-Load your days ! Do not wait until May or June of 2010 to start getting your days in ! Instead of enjoying a spectacular day of spring skiing like LACo recurrent, Steve Fisher, Esq. at Mammoth.....

you could be getting your days in !

And for crying out loud, do NOT wait until the last week of August to start getting your days in !

There will be plenty of time to get that gorilla hair on your upper back waxed another day. You can even ask to work a low activity beach like SMN like Gabe does to get his days in. Woo Hoo ! JUST KIDDING !

In other words, people: It's On ! Oh Yeah, It's On Alright ! Labor Day weekend is only a couple of days away. Now is the time to bag a couple of days. Just Say "YES"! Just Do It !

Until next time.....

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p.s. And Congratulations to the Rookies of 2009 !..... you are now all officially NO LONGER rookies ! Oh, but wait just a minute..... this is just in from Division, because there will be no rookie swim this year and no rookie school in the spring of 2010, you rookies of 2009 are STILL ROOKIES ! Yep, sorry to break the news but until a new rookie school is formed, you are stuck with this illustrious monikor ! woo hoo ! Just ask former LACo recurrent, Devon Clark, who received the Will Rogers "Rookie of the Year" award for at least 3 years running.....

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