Friday, February 13, 2009

The Blue Squeegee

"County Recurrent" is pleased to present its First Ever "Blue Squeegee" Award in recognition of a LACo Recurrent who has performed rescues that are both daring and life threatening to him or herself and the victim in distress. The Blue Squeegee also recognizes the recurrent who unselfishly gives of him/herself to better our profession, builds trust, is a team player and a leader. In short, The Blue Squeegee is awarded to the recurrent who kicks ass and takes names.

Since August 2008, "County Recurrent" has been fortunate to showcase and present a handful of daring multiple rescues sequences performed by numerous lifeguards. Here are the links to two blog posts in particular which, if you did not read them before, will now allow you an opportunity to decide for yourself the courage of this veteran County Recurrent at the moment of challenge:


And so without further adieu, the First Ever Blue Squeegee is awarded to
Bill Asturias

(Photo of Bill Asturias "back in the day" with the Santa Monica City Lifeguard Service, circa 1973, at SMS Tower #26. Photo Courtesy of Bill Asturias)

Congratulations to Bill
(aka, Billy; aka, Guillermo) ! The Blue Squeegee recognizes your courage vs. our greatest challenge: The Ocean Blue !

Until next time.....

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