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Simon Says: Surf's Up !

Simon Snyder "In The House Of Sea And Foam"

Photo by and Copyright Nick Steers. Used here with permission.

"Simon Snyder, Looking Back On That Day"

Simon Says, in addition, to Nick's earlier remarks about that PWC training day at Zuma on Dec. 15, 2002:

"This was a big NW Swell that slipped by the Channel Islands. I showed up to Zuma that day and the tide was high and into the parking lot. The surf was 12’ to 18’ face surf with 9 second interval with slight offshore winds 5 knots or less. In between the set waves you couldn’t see the Baywatch Malibu mooring in front of Zuma Lifeguard Headquarters. I wanted to test my skills on the PWC and the PWC in these typical fall conditions at Zuma Beach. It was really hard to get out, therefore I did tight figure 8 turns in the foam until I could get into the drop zone and punch through some huge whitewash. I will send you the best picture that Nick sent that day.

Take care,
Captain Snyder
Northern Section Lifeguard Operations"


Dateline: Zuma, December 15, 2002

Re: PWC Training: Captain Simon Snyder, Operator; 15+ Foot Swell Zuma

Capt. Nick Steers, Ret., recently answered "County Recurrent's" halycon call for new content. And boy did he respond with some Righteous Zuma Winter Surf Photos and some text for us to enjoy ! Thanks Nick !

Take a breath now, ladies and gentlemen, because here we go, in the words of Nick himself, as follows:

"I remember looking at the surf that day. It was the biggest I'd seen it in a while. The tide was high and it was a December day. The crowd was minimal so training was appropriate. I asked Simon if he wanted to go out and train with the PWC. He was game. It took more nerve than what I had. I started shooting pictures and he kept on trying to get into the waves. He was able to find out that the new waverunner would handle well in any type of surf. Over the years we never had the opportunity to have training in that kind of surf.

Simon did an amazing job handling the surf with the PWC that day. Several weeks later in smaller surf we had an employee get hurt on the PWC. He bumped his face on the PWC handlebar. So the more training you get, the better you are at operating a useful piece of rescue equipment.



I told ya so ! Now take a look at these next three (3) photos taken by Nick of Simon slingin' himself up and down the Zuma Winter Surf that day in Dec. 2002 ! Cowabunga, dude ! All Photos are Copyright Nick Steers 2002. All Rights Reserved. Used here with his permission. Reproduction without consent is strictly prohibited.

"In The House of Foam: Plowin' Thru the Ragin' Surf"
(aka, Beneath The Green Room)

"Too Fast and Too Talented"

"In The House of Foam... One More Time..."


Wow !... is Right ! I haven't seen surf that Big since 1976 during a Huge south summer swell on Santa Monica South ! Woo Hoo !!!

Seriously, though, This is Major League Righteous Zuma Winter Surf in the hands of a Righteously Talented SOL on a Department PWC. "Training" is key to our department's ability to protect the public. So what if Simon makes it look easy, even though it obviously is not. Thanks again to both Nick and Simon for showing us how its done !

Postscript: Bonann recovered from his (PWC Handlebar Facial) injury, but his face still hurts ! Hoh !

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"Bonus" Content:

August 2008: Jake's Retirement Party at Zuma: Photo shows
Zuma Beach "Red Cup" Crew. Note: Capt. Simon Snyder, off duty,
in attendance, to right of frame (below)

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