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Calling All Lifeguards !

(Photo: Pete Peterson Rescue Tube at SMS T-22, Summer '08. Photo by Will Maguire. Used here with permission.)

January 10, 2008

Calling All Lifeguards !

This just in from Harold Dunnigan and the LACOLA Alumni:

Subject: New Historical Museum on SM Pier to feature Pete Peterson dory and other artifacts and mementos.

"The City of SM will be creating a Historical museum on the end of the SM Pier... one of the individuals they will honor is Pete Peterson, and thanks to the efforts of Tom Snyder, Randy Steigley and Scott Hubbell, an original Peterson Dory has been restored and will be the center piece of the exhibit... to enhance this honor to Pete, we are in pursuit of artifacts that he created... tubes, paddleboads etc... they would be on loan, only... do you think that you could get the "word" out???


Image below is a current version of the Famed Pete Peterson Rescue Tube

(Source: Google images and

Editor's note:

10-4, Harold, "County Recurrent" is on the case !

"1935 Santa Monica, California, lifeguard Pete Peterson builds an inflatable yellow rescue tube with a snap hook at one end and a 14 inch strap, line and harness at the other end. He also created paddle boards for lifeguards and was the first person to paddle from Catalina to the mainland. He won the Pacific Coast Surfing Championship 4 times out of ten."
(Source: Excerpted from:


Pete Peterson at a Santa Monica paddleboard race with Thomas Rogers Blake board. Courtesy of Gary Lynch and the Tom Blake Collection).

Preston "Pete" Peterson (1913-1983)
Preston "Pete" Peterson positively ruled Mainland surfing during the 1930s. Recognized amongst his fellow surfers as the country's best surfer, Peterson won the Pacific Coast Surfing Championships four times out of ten (1932, 1936, 1938 and 1941)...

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