Monday, November 24, 2008

Waikiki Box Jellyfish Invasion

Apparently, this is not unusual and just after each Full Moon the Box Jellyfish invade Oahu beaches. This past week in Waikiki, the lifeguards at Queen's Beach in Waikiki (at Duke's Statue) posted Box Jellyfish warning signs.

Source material:

The undersigned, on assignment from "County Recurrent", asked the lifeguard to compare the sting of a Box Jellyfish to that of the infamous "Portuguese Man O' War".'_War

He replied that the Box Jellyfish's sting was MUCH WORSE than that of the Man O' War.... (editor's note: yeah, maybe so, but Man O' War is a much better name and certainly has a nastier, albeit perhaps not quite accurate, reputation). Nevertheless, the undersigned scrubbed his aquatic plans for that day, e.g., exit stage left, as he did not want to get stung.

Keeping you informed whether you like it or not...

Will Maguire
"County Recurrent" News

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