Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Strafing Venice Beach...

Dateline: Mid morning, Tuesday, August 8, 2017...  today's mission:  a walk to North Channel and back.....  Here are the photos plus a video:

Hey!... that guy on the bike looks familiar!...

Below:  "Hugging it out!..."  this veteran OL sure loves his job!  :-)


Top Sail Tap Root sighting, below...

Below, made it to No. Channel!... the view here across the MDR entrance to PDR (aka, Dockweiler North)... in So. Section.

OL Paul Mitre gettin' it done on his workout, below...

Above and below, at Buccaneer, L2R, OL Matt Mohegan and OL Joe Decker...

Above and below, OLS Scott DeBoer, on duty at Venice Pier...

*** Video Alert ! ***

Venice JG's: The Video


Above and below, veteran OL/JG Instructor, Dave Carpenter...

Above and below, OL Jacob Smith, on duty at Ave 23...

Above and below, inside the Venice Garage, a Captain discovers that he left the hot water running... and he gets a helping hand from an OLS who could pull his board shorts up a tad...  :-)

*** Video Alert ! ***

Venice Garage Flood: The Video



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