Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Omaha 8 15 26 Breakwater...

Why the call sign "OMAHA?!"  Don't ask us, ask Peyton Manning:

We are only using it here in connection with the title of this blog post which features photos taken from the bluffs above Santa Monica North this afternoon, Wed., Dec. 16, 2015 of the following lifeguard towers:

SMN Tower #8

SMN Tower #15

SMS Tower #26


the Breakwater (in Venice)...

(courtesy of our Lumix - Panasonic DMC-ZS40 with its Leica zoom lens).

SMN Tower #8:

SMN Tower #15:

SMS Tower #26:

Venice Breakwater:


Until next time.....

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(All photos by & Copyright Will Maguire 2015.)

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