Friday, June 26, 2015

Santa Monica JG Audit

Dateline: Friday, June 25, 2015.

Our Mission: to check out the Santa Monica venue of the L.A. County Junior Lifeguard Program which is based on Santa Monica South between Towers #28 and #29.

Turns out we were also in for a special treat because the "A" and "B" groups of both the "Santa Monica" and "Venice" JG's were nearby at the Brooks Ave. and Thornton Ave. towers in Venice for a couple of annual smackdown events, namely:

The A's were at Brooks Ave. participating in the "Battle at Brooks!"


The B's were at Thornton Ave. participating in the Throwdown at Thornton"!

So here goes:

We arrived at SMS Tower #28 and located the Santa Monica "C" group being led by Dave Carpenter and Lacey Beattie.

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JG "C" Calisthenics: The Video

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JG Board Meeting At SMS Tower #28: The Video

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Paddleboard Instruction Video

Next, we trotted down to Thornton Ave. where we observed the combined B groups of Santa Monica and Venice participating in some shallow water and running events, and being supervised by Bob Valandra, Chad Carvin, Toby Contarsy and Nila Ward.

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Intro Video At Thornton Ave

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Thornton Ave. Ocean Drills: Video #1

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•  Thornton Ave. Ocean Drills: Video #2


On the berm at Thornton Ave...

•  On The Berm At Thornton Ave: Video #1

•  On The Berm At Thornton Ave: Video #2


At Brooks Ave. we observed the A groups participating in a soft sand version of dodge ball in an event dubbed the "Battle at Brooks"!  Among the JG Instructors here were Steve Contarsy, John Baltz, and Nick Sullivan.

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The Battle At Brooks: The Video

... and then we headed back to where we started and along the way said hello to the guards at Rose Ave., Navy St. and Tower #28.

and then it was time to say farewell...



Until next time.....

"County Recurrent" News

(All photos and videos by & Copyright Will Maguire 2015.)

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