Wednesday, March 4, 2015

That's "Chief Moseley"!...

Dateline: March 1, 2015

No longer is he "Acting Chief Lifeguard"...  he is the real deal, Chief Moseley!

Well done!

Congratulations, Chief!

Chief Steve Moseley, above, at left, off duty at the annual Medal of Valor dinner, Summer 2013. With Steve, at right, is veteran LACo OL, Scott Hubbell (aka, #BeachSport).

"County Recurrent" is also campaigning for an annual "all hands invite" "BEAT THE CHIEF" pier swim or buoy swim, followed by a beach bbq, pit fire and warm beverages.  Anyone that beats the chief in the swim gets a handshake and a high five from the Chief, a donut and a cup of coffee.  If this event takes place at the Manhattan Beach Pier, we will ask Manhattan Beach Fire Dept. Battalion Chief (and veteran LACo OL), Dave Shenbaum, to supervise the "Two Guns Surf Rescue" team at the end of the pier.

Above, then Acting Chief Steve Moseley, at middle, on a workout with two other LACo Ocean Lifeguards, Summer 2014, before that evening's annual LACo Intracrew Event.  As illustrated above, Mose is no slouch on surf entry, dolphining, and has keen skills in the surfline head up swimming speed. Then again, full disclosure, this workout was conducted under the supervision of Steve's orthopedic surgeon, at left, who is also a veteran LACo OL.  Even a Chief knows to have able bodied LACo Ocean Lifeguards as bodyguards and swim buddies.  The workout as team building exercise... that's a sign of good leadership skills!

No word yet as to whether this "BEAT THE CHIEF" event/idea will come to fruition.  Stay tuned.  

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