Monday, June 30, 2014

The June Tune That Just Was...

Dateline: Saturday, June 28, 2014

June Tune Hits All The Right Notes

By Adam Sandler

On Saturday, June 28, the beautiful Hermosa Beach 8th Street beach was the site of the annual "June Tune."

Past, present and future Surf Racing Competitors gathered to hone their ocean racing skills, share some laughs and otherwise enjoy a few hours of ocean fun. And with a water temp well over 70, what's not to like?

While there were no sightings of the baby Great Whites that have recently been calling the South Bay beaches home, there were plenty examples of great racing, with the surf boats providing the most drama during the pair of three lap dory races.

Other races included surf swim, paddle board, run swim run, surf ski, Ironman/Ironwoman and beach flags. The South Bay (U.S.) Marine Corp. recruits also took a run through the course. OohRah!

Sadly, the eagerly awaited Landline Relay was scrubbed at the last minute.

Mad Props should go to Charlotte Graham for organizing it, with an assist by Tom Seth and Dave Cartlidge.

And lest we forget to salute Bob Moore not only for his astute work officiating over the events (see pic; he's not warming up his shoulder muscles, he's helping to guide swimmers to the finish chute).

As if that wasn't enough, Bob also helped Dave park the surf boat for later pick up, when it was all over.

Well done, Bob!

Next up is the Ed Perry Regatta set for July 12 at Venice Beach.


(Story & Photos by & Copyright Adam Sandler 2014.  Used here with permission.)


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