Saturday, October 12, 2013

The 2013 LACoFD Ocean Lifeguard Candidate Swim, aka "Rookie Swim 2013"

Saturday morning, Oct. 12, 2013 around 8 a.m.,  the candidates remaining in line to check in at CSHQ in Santa Monica.  The goal:  to make it to the second round, e.g., the oral interview, by finishing in the Top 65 in the day's swim test... a half mile swim!

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 •  And They're Off! The Start: The Video

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•  The First Finishers: The Video

And the Top 65 finishers gather in the garage at CSHQ to listen to Capt. Eugene Atanasio inform them of the next things to come for them that day, including the oral interview at the Training Center in Manhattan Beach...

Congratulations to the Top 65 Finishers!  This year's Top 65 included several candidates who finished out of the money last year, so for them this has been a year of greater preparation which resulted in success this time out.  For those who did not make it, you are welcomed back. Do what you have to do to get in tip top shape.

And last but certainly not least, this year's rookie swim was perhaps the best organized and most efficiently run rookie swim in recent memory. A tremendous team effort by both permanent and recurrent personnel, all led by the Training Center staff.  Well done!  

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