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Ion's Shotgun Start!

"Shotgun Start 2012".  Photo by & Copyright Nick Natter 2012. All Rights Reserved. Used here with permission.  Do not reproduce without Nick's permission in advance.

Wow!  What a Great Photo by LACo OL, Nick Natter!  Many Thanks to Nick for letting us post it here for everyone to see and appreciate! And thanks to AJ Lester for advising us that it was Nick who took this great shot, as well for getting us Nick's contact information.  We asked Nick about this photo of his and here is what he had to say:

"I saw Chief Frazer on the starting line hoisting that shotgun and thought it was the coolest thing. I wanted to get a picture of the start for my friends who were in the race, but at the time I didn't know the significance of the gun. I just thought it would be a cool picture. I'm glad I was there to capture the moment."

And what about that shotgun?!  Turns out it was no ordinary shotgun that Chief Frazer fired at the start of last weekend's LACo OL Lifeguard Rookie Swim Test on Saturday, Oct. 13, 2012.  That was, in fact, Ion Hartunian's (R.I.P.) shotgun!  What a Great Tribute to a Great Guard to usher in this new class of lifeguards!  Bravo!  ( x-ref: )

Here is a bit about how we learned this great factoid.

I sent a note to Capt. Erik Albertson to tell him how impressive the recheck was in terms of its scale and the operation itself and it was an "Operation".  Logistically speaking, there were a great many moving parts and people involved in carrying out all the details of this Operation.  Plus a great many LACo lifeguards, both OLS' and OL's were involved in pulling it all off with such proficiency.

I heard back from Erik and he gave me permission to publish his remarks as did Chief Frazer.  Here is what they each had to say:

Capt. Albertson:  "Thank you Will, I am very proud of the results.  You are right, it was a great team effort.  I am most proud that we succeeded in almost every regard, but my favorite moment was the starting shotgun blast with Ion's gun.


note: About Ion's shotgun, per Erik: "It's a Winchester 1300 Defender, 7+1, pump with synthetic stock and forend, single barrel.  Circa 1980."


Chief Frazer:


Yes, I presented the idea to Erik, and he was all in.  I thought that would be a good way to honor our friend.  The picture was also sent to his daughters.  That start, on so many levels, was the most meaningful start of my Chief career.  I had to move mountains to get approval for the swim, it was my last one, and my brother Ion was there with me!  I could not have asked for anything more to end my career.

And yes, you can quote me.

Thank you,
Mike Frazer

Chief Lifeguard
Los Angeles County Fire"


Editor's Notes:

•  Many Thanks to Chief Mike Frazer and Capt. Erik Albertson for allowing us to post their respective remarks.

•  And as long as we are on the subject of Recurrents kicking ass and taking photos, here is a bit of LACo OL Nick Natter's background:  Nick was born and raised in Manhattan Beach on 9th St., which is still one of his favorite places to surf.  He swam and played water polo at Loyola HS for 2 years and then finished up at Mira Costa HS where he was on the surf team and was captain his senior year before going to college at the University of San Diego where we was also on the surf team and captain again his senior year.  (Editor's note:  Nick is a surfer. 10-4, copy).  His rookie year as an LACo Recurrent was 2006 and he has been working in Southern Section since he came on (Editor's note: no one is perfect... :-)  and has been a JG Instructor in Manhattan Beach the past 3 years.  Additionally, in Nick's own words, "The guards who have had the biggest influence on me were my Junior guard instructors: Jeanie Chic, Anthony Vela, Dan Stevenson, and John Kim. As for best breakfast in the South Bay, it's hard to beat Simzy's on a Sunday morning. Mike Murphy wishes he ruled the south bay (Editor's note: because we asked...   :-). Best surf shop in the South Bay: ET Surf, biggest board selection, nicest employees (that also rip in the water), best atmosphere, but don't touch Dan Connell's ears or he might snap on you."  And if you thought Nick was just a surfer and a recurrent with a college degree, well you would be wrong because Nick also has a real estate brokers license and does property management, development, etc.  10-4, Nick.

•  We would also be remiss if we did not credit *OLS Bill Powers (Ret.) for instructing Chief Frazer on his excellent posture and weapon handling skills.  Just sayin'...  :-)

*x-ref: "The Bill Powers Shotgun Skills & Skeet Shooting Club", located in Mammoth Lakes, Calif.
"Shotgun Bill" Powers. Photo by Will Maguire.


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