Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Get In Shape Now, Ask Burnside How!..."

With LACo Recurrent Lifeguard Rechecks coming up in June and just a bit over a month away, we decided to ask Retired LACo Lifeguard Chief, Bob Burnside, on what he recommends for the recurrent to get in shape for the recheck and the summer. We include a photo of the beautiful public 50 meter swimming pool where Bob trains at in Palm Desert where he and his wife have a home. Having just finished a 2,500 meter swim recently, Bob posted this beautiful photo of this magnificent pool.

In any case, here goes:

"Get In Shape Now, Ask Burnside How!...", by Bob Burnside

"Happy to make s few comments. Get ready for the recheck...but more important get yourself in good shape. This requires more than a easy 2000 meter pool swim... "Put some wind sprints into the pool workout... by incorporating at the end of it at least 10 50 meter sprints...with no more than a 15 second rest between them... Swim these with your head above water, as if looking for your victim...That should be done 5 days a week.

Now that you are ocean training...consider a 1000 meter swim... AND then on completion... do 10 sprints from the beach... out beyond the surf line... FULL OUT! You owe all of this to yourself... but more important to those that you are protecting... And please.. NO moaning about the water temp! OR any other adverse weather condition... JUST DO IT!

You have a great job,a super salary, work conditions outstanding... and sharing it all with your many friends... That demands your best effort. Age is not a factor!!... If you're thinking that way...Gracefully retire. Have a successful and great summer... miss ya all!    Bob

*** Thanks Chief! 10-4.

 (Photo credit: Photo by & Copyright Bob Burnside 2012. Story by & Copyright Bob Burnside 2012.  Photo of Bob in his Red LACo Lifeguard Jacket courtesy of Bob.)


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