Saturday, November 26, 2011

L.A. City #14 Found!

(Photo Copyright 2011 Will Maguire.)

OK, it wasn't missing! But we found it anyways! It's owned by Surf Line Hawaii and it is now prominently displayed inside the brand spanking new "ocean lifestyle" retail warehouse store of Surf Line Hawaii (x-ref: Jams World), in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Check it out!

It is a "Pete Peterson" paddleboard, circa 1940's (we think). Hopefully, our paddleboard curators will post on this. Tom Volk: What do you think? Cal Porter: Please confirm and tell us a story!


And last but certainly not least, many, many thanks to "Baby Dave" Rochlen for inviting us to visit him at the Surf Line Hawaii warehouse store. Baby Dave, some of our readers will recall, grew up in Pt. Dume in Malibu and attended SAMOHI, and was a Zuma Recurrent beach lifeguard, who Cal Porter remembers fondly as one of a group of recurrent groms who perfected "the quasimoto" (see below) surfing pose and who Cal clearly remembers casually shooting out of a tube ride one day at Pt. Dume as follows:

"I watched Baby Dave come shooting out of a tubular wave (rare) at Pt Dume one day and shout those famous words, "I've been born", used by many surfers since."

(Copyright 2011 Cal Porter. All Rights Reserved. Used here with permission.)

"The Quasimoto". "Baby Dave" Rochlen perfecting the quasimoto in 1964 at Huntington Beach just north of the pier.

(Photo above courtesy of Baby Dave Rochlen. Used here with permission.)

Note the shirt that is on display next to Baby Dave in the above photo taken earlier this month by the undersigned. This is the famed JAMS WORLD lifeguard shirt of some 10 - 15 years ago that features such luminary, celebrated and beloved lifeguards as Cap Watkins, Rudy Kroon, Tom Volk, (Original) Dave Rochlen (Baby Dave's uncle), Matt Kivlin and many others. The front of this shirt bears the signature of original Dave Rochlen, the Santa Monica City Lifeguard who moved to Hawaii and started "Surf Line Hawaii" and is dedicated to his lifeguard pals and features the following remarks: "Those were the Men. They Worked, Played, Lived, Loved and Knew the Ocean like nobody since. Here's to my Heroes..." (Photo Copyright 2011 Will Maguire.)


Postscript: We just heard from Baby Dave who had some additional remarks about the origin of the "I've been born" utterance. Here goes:

" an effort to keep it all honest and straight-I uttered (yelled) out my "I've been born" statement (on another occasion) after being spit out of a super tube at the end of a ride from Malibu's Second Point.

The guy who heard me say that was shooting photos at the point His name was Dick Gustafson and he was Larry Stevenson's Surf Guide Magazine #1 surf photographer. At that time, I rented a studio from Dick's Mom that was located at the top of their home in Santa Monica Canyon on Amalfi Drive. When Dick took the Head Dip I did at Huntington Beach while surfing on the Dewey Weber Surf Team (trying to honor my Hero and Mentor, Micky Munoz) he used the quote he heard at Malibu for the caption of that photo."


Until next time.....

Will Maguire, Editor
"County Recurrent" News

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