Monday, August 1, 2011

LACo Central Section Wins 2011 Taplin Relay!

Dateline: Hermosa Beach, Calif., Saturday Nite, July 30, 2011.

Venue/Event: The International Surf Festival, Judge Taplin Bell Relay.

*** Video Alert! *** Check out this short video which sets the stage and shows the layout of the racing venue and the crowd on hand just minutes before the start of the 2011 Taplin Relay.... oh yeah!

LACo Central Section's Taplin relay team has won the Taplin Bell Trophy honors again! Congratulations to these LACo Ocean warriors who trained very hard to make this happen.

*** Video Alert! ***

2011 Taplin Relay: The Video


Outstanding performance by LACo So. Section as well for their second place finish.

And just as noteworthy was the Third Place Finish of the visiting Aussie team from Half Moon Bay SLSC in Melbourne, Victoria
, esp. given that they had only 9 days to train on our American dory... and they trained on it each and every day. Their paddlers were esp. fast and clocked the fastest split of all the teams during this year's Taplin Relay and caught up to the second place LACo So. Section team by the end of the paddle segment.

One Aussie paddler performed a perfect turtle maneuver under a breaking wave
, popping back up on top of his board on his knees and continuing on with his paddle, stunning the crowd which after having caught its collective breath and realizing what had just happened then let out a collective cheer!

Lots of excitement this nite, esp. during the dory segment.
Hopefully, we can get a soundbite from the likes of Jay Butki to describe for us all here what what all witnessed during the dory leg of the Taplin with the gusting onshore wind and constant and consistent pounding shorebreak.


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