Thursday, July 7, 2011

Southbay Fourth of July 2011 Report, by OL Ricardo Monroy

(Photo #1 above, Cone science at work (all pics from Ruby Tower))

Just in from veteran So. Section OL, Ricardo Monroy, who shares with us some comments and photos from this past Monday, July 4th, 2011, from Redondo Beach. All photos by and/or courtesy of Ricardo Monroy.)


From: Ricardo Monroy
Subject: July 4
Date: July 5, 2011 10:24:26 PM PDT
To: Will Maguire

Hi Will

Here are some pics from the Redondo Beach on the July 4th.

We were working Ruby tower (adjacent to the pier) in RCO with fellow lifeguard recurrent Zara Shahalayi and OLS Brian Carey.

Its like the summer skipped the year 2010, but this year we saw it return in force. As Southern Guards we just wanted to let some our colleagues in the Northern and Central section know that we held our ground in the southern front. Here are a few photos of 4th of July in Redondo Beach (RCO next to Redondo Beach Pier). These pics were taken in the few moments we were able to return to our tower, most of our shifts were spent on foot patrol, our tower alone had 8 lost kids but all towers were holding all day. Free Redondo sand for the guard who spots any in photo 2.


Ricardo Monroy
Rookie Class, 1984

(Photo #2, above; Where is the sand Waldo?)

(Photo #3, above; OMG)

(Photo #4, above; Starring our celebrity guards Zahra Shahalayi and OLS Brian Carey striking a pose.)

(Photo #5, above; Just Zahra really seriously guarding this time.)

(Photo #6, above; And the class of '84 'representing' Lifeguard Ricardo Monroy.)


Many Thanks to Ricardo and his colleagues for sharing with us these photos and comments so that we all can get to know them and their area of coverage on this past wickedly hot and very densely populated July 4th beach day.


Until next time.....

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