Thursday, May 5, 2011

Retired Section Chief Jon Moryl Demands "County Recurrent" Retraction!


Turn back the clock to:

Sunday, August 31, 2008

(Photo above shows then actively employed LACo Section Chief, JD Moryl, on duty on his last day at Central Section HQ, August 2008. Photo by Will Maguire.)

J.D. Moryl's Last Day !

Our exact words to JD in our Aug. 31st, 2008 blog post were:

"Finally, for the man who declared he would never swim a lap again upon retirement, I look forward to seeing your increasing waist line !"


Retraction Demand: At the recent retirement party for Assnt. Chief Phil Topar, JD demanded a retraction of the "County Recurrent" statement several years ago at the time of JD's impending retirement that JD would likely gain innumerable pounds and put on alot of weight given JD's pronouncement face to face with the Editor of "County Recurrent" News that, "Once I retire I will never swim again!" Having heard this remarkable statement firsthand, the editor of this blog conjectured, most reasonably, that JD would gain weight.

Jump forward to April 2011
, JD is happily retired and continues to swim regularly. In fact, he is at his high school weight of 150 pounds, which is some 15 pounds less than JD was at the time of his retirement (see photo below).

(Photo above shows JD Moryl, at right, with Section Chief, Garth Canning, at the recent April 2011 Retirement Party for Assnt. Chief Phil Topar. Photo by Will Maguire.)

So we ask our readers.....
Given JD's absolute and unqualified declaration that he would never swim again, should "County Recurrent" News issue a retraction for its reasoned speculation that JD would gain weight post-retirement?

And the decision of the editorial board of "County Recurrent" News is:.......

Retraction Denied!


In any case, we do congratulate JD on his post-retirement fitness and his successful transition to retirement where he is very happily busy with family activities, in addition to his multiple music endeavors. An accomplished musician, JD is active in several bands and a reliable anonymous source tells us he also leads the choir at his local church. Bravo, JD! We commend you for your active participation in life post-retirement, but your retraction gets the County Recurrent boot. Woo Hoo! :-)



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1 comment:

William Maguire said...

Friday, May 6, 2011. Wow! Just in from JD Moryl himself!!! Turns out JD now weighs 165 pounds, which is 10 pounds less than when he was a Section Chief. Here is what JD said in his email to me today:

"My Dear Wilbur,

Thanks very much for your very public attention to my current weight. I guess that one who has been retired for as long as I should be grateful for any positive publicity! I accept your unilateral decision of rejecting my request for retraction. No further comments from employees past or present are required...and those of you reading this blog who know me intimately know that I wouldn't give a damn anyway!

I must correct your libelous assertion that I presently weigh 150 lbs., however. If that was the case, I am either dead or on my deathbed...which, come to think of it, my make some employees past and present somewhat...or possibly...very happy to hear. Alas, I must report to you that I weigh 165 lbs. which is down 10 from my working weight...and am very much alive. I will leave up to conjecture the reason(s) for my weight loss in retirement...but who cares anyway...probably my wife(?) and possibly my tailor...but certainly nobody else! At any rate, I am not able to divulge to you why I weighed 10 more lbs. while working, as the many trappings and responsibilities of the Section Chief position are still very much classified!

Finally, the question of my weight pales in comparison to what brought us together in the first witness the many kudos and honors bestowed upon the Gentelman of all gentlemen, Chief Phil Topar...a very nice affair for a Class Act.

Please remember me to my supporters and detractors!

"To the Grampian Hills..."

Very Sincerely Yours,

J.D. Moryl, RET.

p.s. You have my permission to publish my reply in your very entertaining BLOG!"