Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Rained Out!"

(Friday Nite, Beverly Hills, Calif. Dec. 17, 2010.)

(Saturday, Dec. 18th. Dockweiler.)

(Sunday, Dec. 19th, Pali High.)

(Monday morning, Dec. 20th, PCH along Will Rogers.)

(Tuesday, Dec. 21st. PCH at Temescal Cyn. Rd.)

Has it been six or now seven days of rain, straight, non-stop... Blue skies, sunshine. Can't remember it.

Rain and LOTS OF IT!

Just ask the Mayor of Lower Topanga, aka, "Baretta", below, who we caught up with last nite holding court and a container of raw ginger (from the sushi counter) at Gelson's market in the Palisades.

Baretta: photographer, poet, writer, and the (unofficial) Mayor of the Lower Topanga community. The consummate medicine man of malibu with his fingers on the pulse of all that goes on between Gladstone's and Las Tunas. If it's local lore you are after, Baretta's your man. Keep up the good work, Baretta.

(Photo by Will Maguire, 12.21.2010. Used here with permission.)



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