Friday, July 16, 2010

Huntington Beach is "Surf City USA"!

Dateline: Thursday, July 16, 2010
Where: Huntington Beach, Calif., aka, "Surf City USA"

Only an hour away from our Central Section beaches but a world away, culturally speaking. "The Beach" is the centerpiece of Huntington Beach (HB), Calif. You don't go to the beach there. You go do stuff away from the beach and then you come back to the beach which is your home, mentally, spiritually and metaphorically speaking. The Beach is, in effect, the Vortex of HB. In Los Angeles, the beach is not the centerpoint of our metropolis. Zuma Beach is on a par with HB in terms of the "beach vibe" as are several beaches in Southern Section, notably Hermosa and Manhattan Beach.

Today's post, however, features photos from our "County Recurrent" Road Trip to Surf City USA on Thursday, July 16, 2010. So sit back and enjoy and immerse yourselves in the religion of the beach that is HB.

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Finally, here are a couple of links to websites that are all about the Huntington Beach vibe, including a Blog by retired Huntington Beach City Ocean Lifeguard, Kai Weisser, at:

History of Huntington Beach - Lifeguards


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califeguard said...

Yeah, lots of action there! The Nationals are just down the beach.