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Kimberley E. Montanaro, LACo Recurrent, Rest In Peace

On January 3, 2010, former LACo Recurrent Beach Lifeguard (1991-1994), Kimberley E. Montanaro, passed away unexpectedly at the age of 36 years old, in Santa Barbara, Calif., where she practiced law.

Today's L.A. Times, 01.21.2010, features her Obituary:

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Kim grew up in Pacific Palisades where she swam for Coach Rick Goeden (aka, Coachie) on the Palisades/Malibu YMCA Age Group Swim Team, as well as on the Pali High Varsity Girls Swim Team (Go Dolphins!), coached by former L.A. City and LACo Recurrent Beach Lifeguard, Dave Anderson.

Her mom and dad, John (aka, "Big Guy") and Susan (aka, "Sweet Sue") Montanaro, were themselves avid Masters swim team members of the Palisades/Malibu YMCA Masters Swim Team, also coached by Rick, with many a workout also coached by LACo's very own, Paul Henne and Will Douglass. On this Masters Swim Team there were numerous LACo Recurrent Lifeguards as well as many future LACo Recurrent Lifeguards. The list is Ginormous and included: The undersigned (aka, "a.h. guillaume") who regrettably (to this day) recruited Greg ("Bone") Bonann and Chuck ("Chuck Who?") Locko to join this team..., plus the likes of Eric ("Sharkman") Shargo, Bob ("B.J.") Janis, Abby Schneider, Greg Andruk, Tim McNulty (Sr.), Mike ("Newmie"/"Where's my Wallet"/"Can I Borrow Some Shampoo") Newman, Mitch Flyer, Devon ("Buffy") Clark, Will Douglass, Bob Ingersoll, Kerri Culbertson, Steve Moseley, David Sitzer, Phil ("Topey") Topar, Paul Donahue, Paul Silka, plus then Pali High Dolphin swimmers (circa, '80's & '90's) and other Masters swimmers who would later become LACo Recurrents like Tim Arnold, Dave Dolotta, Tim McNulty (Jr.), Luigi DeMari, Erik Koster, Tim Gair, Michelle Saxer, Kim Gair, David (Gohdes) Carr, John Fletcher and many others. This was the same Masters Swim Team captained by noneother than longtime Palisades resident and honorary mayor, H. Barry Stein (aka, "Mayor"), who was like an Uncle to Kim.

It was no surprise but still obviously quite an accomplishment for this beautiful young lady to take the L.A. County Rookie Lifeguard Test and to qualify for its rookie school in 1991 and to graduate from said L.A. County Fire Department's Lifeguard Training Academy, aka "Rookie School". Because of the very special family-team atmosphere shared by the YMCA age group swimmers, the Pali High Swimmers and the Masters, all of whom trained at the same Pali Y Pool in the Conference Grounds above Sunset Blvd. at Temescal Cyn. Rd., this accomplishment of Kim's was shared and rejoiced by all of us involved with these groups. Kim's parents and her brother, Jon "Magic" Montanaro could not have been prouder of this accomplishment of Kim's. From that moment forward and forever more Kim has been a part of our brotherhood and sisterhood of LACo Recurrent Beach Lifeguards. She went on to graduate from college and law school but in her heart she was and always will be an L.A. County Ocean Lifeguard. Her compassion, enthusiasm, integrity and accountability will be sorely missed.

God has other plans for Kim, of that I am certain. Her sudden passing and the imprint she left on family, loved ones and friends, both terrestrial and spiritual, brings to mind for me the final scene in the already legendary film, GLADIATOR, wherein an African Gladiator and slave, speaks to the fallen Maximus and tells him, "I will see you soon, but not yet. Not YET!" ... reminding us that "We can honor Kim's memory" by living life to its fullest and being of service to others just as Kim did in her personal and professional life.

Her spirit will be with us forever more and her example will continue to inspire us.

Kim: God Bless You! Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and loved ones.

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Please also be advised that in lieu of flowers and cards,
Kim's family has asked (if you so desire) that you make a donation in Kimberley's name to CASA of Santa Barbara County.

Court Appointed Special Advocates
for children was an organization very dear to Kim, according to her brother, Jon, and she devoted most all of her little free time to volunteer work for them.

"The goal of CASA of Santa Barbara County is to prevent abused, neglected, and abandoned children from becoming lost in the Juvenile Dependency system and working to find them safe, permanent homes as soon as possible."

Donations can be made through the website at:

At the bottom of the donor information page is a space where you can put the donation in honor of Kimberley.


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