Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The 2010 Wieland Shield Tour Down Under

At the request of Team Manager, Jay Butki, please be advised as follows:

"December 1, 2009:

Please assist and disseminate and forward to the membership and alumni this donation assistance request from the 2010 Wieland Shield Team.

2010 21st Wieland Shield - California Educational Tour and Competition Team


1. Micha Burden -Swim- Huntington Beach Marine Safety Division -2008 Olympic Swim trials
2. Maggie Hogan -Ironwoman- San Diego Lifeguard Service -2008 Olympic Kayak trials
3. Renee Locarnini -Ironwoman- LACoFD Lifeguard Division-So. Bay -5 times USLA National Team
4. Alison Riddle -Swim/Board- LACoFD LG Div.-So. Bay -Top 10 2009 USLA Nationals

1. Jeff Barrett -Swim- Cal. State Parks-Malibu Coast -2008 Olympic Swim trials
2. Micah Carlson -Ironman- LACoFD Lifeguard Division-So. Bay -Top 10 2008 & 2009 USLA Nationals
3. Danny Ching -Surfski- LACoFD LG Div.--So. Bay -2008 Olympic Kayak trials
4. Pat Jacobson -Swim- LACoFD LG Div.-So. Bay, & Paramedic -1st place 2009 Cal Regional Surf Race & R-S-R
5. Brian Murphy -Ironman- LACoFD LG Div.-Central -Top 2 overall 2008 & 2009 USLA Nationals
6. Mike Murphy -Ironman- LACoFD LG Div.-So. Bay -Top 10 2009 USLA Nationals
7. Shane Scoggins -Paddleboard- LACoFD LG Div.-Zuma & Cal. State Parks-Ventura-2nd 2009 Catalina Classic

Manager: Jay Butki - Paramedic Rescue Boat Captain, LACoFD Lifeguard Division.

Educational Officers:
Charlotte Graham - Ocean Lifeguard Specialist- LACoFD Lifeguard Division-So. Bay
Rich Hidalgo - Sergeant, Imperial Beach Lifeguard Service
Jamie Orr - Ocean Lifeguard Specialist- LACoFD Lifeguard Division-Central

Special Guests:
Natalie Coughlin - Cal Bear, 2 time Olympian-2004 & 2008, “Dancing with the Stars”
Tyra Moe-Hidalgo -Imperial Beach’s first female Firefighter-Paramedic


Jay Butki
Rescue Boat Captain
LA County Fire Department, Lifeguard Division
Mobile (310) 849-5955
FAX (310) 348-9117

Additionally, from LACo Chief (Ret.), Dave Story, please be advised as follows as to where you can send your donations:

Donations should be made out to the:

Los Angeles County Lifeguard Assn. Trust Fund or (LACOLA Trust Fund) and sent to:

LACOLA Trust Fund
524 Garnet Street, #B
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

*** Please write "Shield Donation" in the memo field.

--- --- ---

Odds And Ends:

1. Did you see the 2010 Wieland Shield T-Shirt !? Wow! Check this out:


2. And Do NOT forget the upcoming Wieland Shield Fundraiser and Party at SANGRIA in Hermosa Beach on Thursday, Dec. 10th at 7 pm, as follows and as previously posted on this exceptional "County Recurrent" Blog! Woo Hoo!


Holiday in Hermosa: Thursday, Dec. 10, 2009; 7 pm
at Sangria, 68 Pier Ave., Hermosa Beach, Calif.

Proceeds benefit the LACo Lifeguard Assn Trust Fund and the 2010 Wieland Shield Calif. / Victoria Exchange.

Celebrate the winter's surf, snow, and holiday season with:


p.s.... Rumor has it a pair of shorts worn by Mike "Newmie" Newman, of BAYWATCH fame, will be auctioned off.

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Will Maguire, Editor
"County Recurrent" News

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