Thursday, June 18, 2009

"A Whale Of A Good Story" by LACo Recurrent, Nathalie Brouwer

(Photo by Nathalie Brouwer. Used here with permission.)

Dateline: June 10, 2009

Location: North Channel at MDR (aka, the Craig Hummer North Channel Workout Center).

("North Channel". Photo by Tony Whitmore, LACo Recurrent. Used here with permission.)

RE: Just in from LACo Recurrent, Nathalie Brouwer:

Title: "Lost his Momma!"

"I just took these pictures (6/10/09) 10 AM at the end of the Marina Channel.

I was sitting on the rocks on the North side. He surfaced about 30 times in 30 minutes.

The marine biologists think that he was separated from his pod during migration. He is a baby and is about 25 feet long. I was no further away than 20 yards from him. Very exciting, but I hope he finds his Momma soon!"

(Photo by Nathalie Brouwer. Used here with permission.)

(Photo by Nathalie Brouwer. Used here with permission.)

(Photo by Nathalie Brouwer. Used here with permission.)

Thanks very much, Nathalie, for sharing your story and photos with us.
We encourage Recurrents to participate with their own text and photos to help us continue our 'inclusive' approach, which we here at "County Recurrent" trumpet. At "County Recurrent" if you write it, you get the credit. If you take a photo and share it with us, you get the credit ! Hard to believe I know, but there you have it ! Celebrating and crediting the Recurrent where credit is due !

Epilogue; Dateline: Friday, June 19, 2009:

Just in from Nathalie:

"as of 6:00 last night he was still there. I have seen him every day for about two weeks. The marine people think he got separated from his pod. Unfortunately, he may try to wait for them in the Marina until next migration season. This would not be good! Can't we all chip in for a one way ticket to Alaska for him? Nathalie"

and from Capt. Jay Butki:

"Thar she still blows...
day 16 or so"

So if anyone wants to check out the No. Channel Whale, there's probably no rush, unfortunately.

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